RapidSos Setup Login Process

Request RapidSOS Credentials - PSAP Credentials are managed through the administrative module in the RapidSOS Portal. There are two options for how credentials can be requested.


Frequently Asked Questions

Assigning a unit case number by mistake

1. Select the Call and click the “Units Detail” tab.
2. Click “Misc Options” and select “Reactivate Case No
3. In the “ReActivate Case No” field, type in the unit case no. (exam12345) then click “Search Case No
4. The Case no record(s) should appear in the window. Select the first record in the list and click “ReActivate Case No
5. The case no is now back in the rotation.

Units Tab(s) went missing from the CAD Screen

1. Click “Misc Options
2. Select “Reset Screen Layout
3. CAD Screen will close, once it is reopened the units will be back

CAD call goes missing

1. Select “Help” then select “About
2. Click the Option “Close CADActive not Closed

Can I unmerge a call?


I accidently deleted a point/road from my map, how do I get it back?

1. Go to Maintenance > Mapping / Address > Undelete Mapping Browser
2. Select deleted object from list, click Recall Address/Road button
3. Close map and rebuild shape files

How do I remove a Hazard Pin?

1. Under the Active Details on the map screen, right click Active Pins, select Delete Street Labels
2.Find and select the Hazard Pin in the list, click Delete Road Label/Hazard Pin (depending on the version they are running, the may have to close and reopen the map)

I added a new point/road but it is not showing on my map, what do I do?

1. Go to Maintenance > Mapping / Addressing > Rebuild Shapefiles
2. Click Recreate Now (map must be closed)

I get an error when I try to connect the GPS in builder

Turn off Bluetooth in Windows settings.