Next Generation Dispatch Software

ez911 is here to make your dispatch software easier and more accessible! We offer multiple products, such as our Next Generation CAD, the buildable Mapping system, and our ezDispatcher phone system, that integrate together to create an easy system to use and learn.  We know the road you take may not always be straightforward but with ez911 products, we can help you navigate a much smoother, easier ride.

About ez911

Founded in 2005, ez911 is privately owned and was formed to provide local governments and agencies with mapping, addressing, and database services necessary for Enhanced 911 dispatch software. Since our formation, ez911 has evolved its product suite to also include Next Generation integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). In addition, we offer the service of writing, evaluating, and selecting PSAP equipment.

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Our Dispatch Software

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ezEnterpise CAD™

ezCAD™ is an innovative multi-agency, Next Generation dispatch software for 911 CAD records system built on Microsoft’s® .NET and SQL Server technology. Designed with intelligence in mind, ezCAD automatically accomplishes many tasks that require additional dispatcher interaction when using other software. By the time the dispatcher accepts the call, they know the complete history of the person, the address, and the previous calls from each entity.

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ezEnterprise Mapping

ezEnterprise Mapping™ is a Next Generation 911 system powered by Esri technology that is tried and tested, intuitive, economical, and easy to implement and is designed to meet the demanding requirements of critical emergency response GIS. This software brings mapping, editing, and geographic data together to provide your agency, a more accurate and faster emergency response. ezEnterprise Mapping offers public safety entities an innovative 911 dispatch mapping solution.
**Does not need our CAD system**

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At the interface level, our Call handling solution has been designed and rigorously tested to simplify the emergency dispatcher’s workspace while simultaneously augmenting the tools that aid their critical decision-making. The Solution reallocates invaluable seconds typically spent managing hard- and software inefficiency issues to making life-saving decisions and intelligently deploying emergency resources.

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